Jonesburg Board of Alderman Meeting

Posted February 25, 2021 Time 3:30 P.M Date | time 3/1/2021 6:00 PM |Meeting called by Mayor Robert Sellenriek
Board members
Mayor Robert Sellenriek – President of the Board of Alderman Keith Farrar – Alderman Jay Russell Alderwoman Cindy Duncan-Alderwoman Diane Corder.

Staff Members
City Administrator Cory Eye – Billing Clerk Marie Schneider– Billing Clerk Rebecca Rodriguez - Maintenance 1 Tim Parker –   Maintenance 2 Steve Quick - Chief of Police Greg Houdyshell - Sargent Kevin Wilson – Roger Armstrong Patrolman- Preston Gebhart Patrolman – Leonard Sylcox Patrolman.

1.       Motion for:

A.       City Clerk                                                 Swearing in

B.       Treasurer                                                 Swearing in

C.       Record Keeper                                        Swearing in

D.      Collector                                                  Swearing in

E.       Zoning Enforcement Officer                   Swearing in

F.        Delegate for Boonslick Regional Planning (appointment only)

2.       Minutes of February 2021 Meeting

 3.       February 2021 Warrants

 4.       Treasurer’s Report February 2021- Sales Tax-Account Balances. Delinquent Property Tax- 5 years or older.

 5.       Jonesburg Area Fire Dept.-John Woods- Tax Issue

 6.       Public Comment-two (2) minutes per person (ALL VISITORS WILL REMAIN IN LOBBY AREA AT ALL TIMES)

 7.       Request for Community Hall use for Homeschooling

 8.       Ordinance for Construction Cleanup on Public Property

 9.       Resolution for Legal Service Agreement

 10.    Ordinance for Legal Service Agreement

 11.    City Updates:

a.       Water usage report January

b.       Wastewater project update

12.    Police Report

 13.    Board Members comments

 14.    Adjournment

City of Jonesburg Mo 106 West Booneslick Road   PO Box 256
Jonesburg Mo 63351                                           
Phone 636-488-5508 Fax 636-488-3239 

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