Jonesburg Board of Alderman Meeting


Posted July 21st, 2020 Time 3:30 P.M Date | time,8/3/2020 6:00 PM |Meeting called by Mayor Robert Sellenriek

Board members

Mayor Robert Sellenriek – President of the Board of Alderman Keith Farrar – Alderman Jay Russell – Alderman Andy Lockhart – Alderwoman Cindy Duncan.

Staff Members

City Administrator Cory Eye – City Clerk Sherry J. Meyer – Billing Clerk Marie Schneider– Maintenance 1 Tim Parker –   Maintenance 2 Steve Quick - Chief of Police Greg Houdyshell - Sargent Kevin Wilson – Roger Armstrong Patrolman- Preston Gebhart Patrolman – Leonard Sylcox Patrolman.

Election Results and Swearing in Newly Elected Officials

Tentative Agenda.

1.           Minutes of July 6th, 2020

2.           July 2020 Warrant List.

3.           Treasurer’s Report July 2020 – Sales Tax – Account Balances

4.           Public Comment two (2) minutes per person (ALL VISITORS WILL REMAIN IN LOBBY AREA AT ALL TIMES)

5.           Neighborhood Development

6.           City updates:

                             a.           Water usage report June

                             b.           Wastewater project update  

                             c.           Shipping containers (due date July 7, 2020 Theresa Roberts)

                             d.           Hunter concerning water

                             e.           Michael Ways – Rushmore Loan Management Services LLC

10.         Police Report

11.         Board Members comments

12.         Adjournment